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Dr. Simpson believes that financial considerations should not be an
obstacle to obtaining the highest quality orthodontic treatment. She allows patients to customize a payment plan that works within their

Complete patient forms online from the comfort of your
own home before your appointment

Customize and select a payment plan that works for
YOU and your budget

Manage your secure account online, make payments from
home, view invoices, and print receipts

We understand. Indeed We Do!


Covering the cost of braces shouldn’t be an aggravating or complex matter. We aim to ensure your experience isn’t like that. Our team has dedicated significant effort to simplify the process as much as possible by offering transparent, uncomplicated, and feasible financing options.



We strive to make the payment process for braces as easy as possible, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Below, you’ll find a list of questions we often address.


Payment plans will be established at the onset of treatment. You have the option to pay in entirety or create a payment strategy that suits your individual requirements.

Numerous dental insurance policies provide coverage for orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign, traditional metal braces, or clear braces. The extent of coverage depends on your specific insurance plan. Typically, you can reach out to your insurance provider to understand what is and isn’t covered. During your initial visit, we can help you determine the extent of your insurance benefits.

No. The expense of treatment using Invisalign typically matches that of similar treatments with traditional braces, and it can even be lower at times! Beyond Invisalign, we also provide alternative clear aligner options for minor tooth adjustments, which are priced lower than Invisalign.

No. The cost of your treatment encompasses any necessary retainers to maintain your teeth in their adjusted position. Yet, there is a small fee for fixing or replacing retainers that are damaged or misplaced.

Several of our patients opt to pay upfront for their orthodontic treatment and benefit from a minor discount. Yet, the majority prefer to spread the cost of their treatment over several months or even years.

Many of our patients, who only need braces or Invisalign for 12 months, manage to spread their payment over 36 months! We’re equipped to tailor a financial plan to suit your needs.

Orthodontic procedures are typically eligible for FSA reimbursement. If you have access to an FSA through your employer, inform us, and we will confirm your eligibility and assist you in initiating the process.




No. The cost of your orthodontic treatment encompasses all actions we take to finalize your treatment.