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Early interceptive Orthodontics in Madison, AL

Welcome to Making Smiles Orthodontics! In this exciting journey towards healthier and more beautiful smiles, Dr. Sydney Simpson leads our team with expertise and passion. With a specialized focus on Early interceptive Orthodontics, we are committed to providing our patients with the best care right from the start.

About Early interceptive Orthodontics

Making Smiles Orthodontics in Madison, AL

Early interceptive Orthodontics with Dr. Sydney Simpson focuses on identifying and correcting dental issues in children aged 7 to 10. Dr. Simpson, a specialist in the field, employs proactive measures such as braces to guide jaw growth, correct bites, and ensure optimal tooth positioning. This approach, led by Dr. Sydney Simpson, not only addresses issues early but also contributes to long-term oral health and well-being. Personalized treatment plans are collaboratively developed with parents for each child.

Treatment Options

Early interceptive Orthodontics

In Early Interceptive Orthodontics, there are various treatment options tailored to address specific dental and skeletal issues in children. Some common treatment options include:


Traditional braces may be recommended to correct misalignments, improve bite, and address crowding or spacing issues. Brackets and wires work together to guide teeth into proper alignment.


These devices are used to widen the upper jaw, creating more space for permanent teeth to emerge and improving overall jaw harmony.

Functional Appliances

These devices assist in modifying jaw growth and improving bite function by influencing the relationship between the upper and lower jaws.

Space Maintainers

When a child loses a baby tooth prematurely, space maintainers help preserve the gap, preventing adjacent teeth from shifting and ensuring proper eruption of permanent teeth.

Invisalign for Teens

In some cases, clear aligner systems like Invisalign may be suitable for older children and teenagers, offering a more discreet orthodontic treatment option.

Braces & Clear Aligners for Children, Teens,
and Adults!

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What are the Benefits of early interceptive orthodontics at Making Smiles Orthodontics?

Discover the benefits of Early interceptive Orthodontics at Making Smiles Orthodontics with Dr. Sydney Simpson. From early intervention to healthy dental development, our specialized approach ensures radiant and lasting smiles. Trust us to provide your children with a solid foundation for optimal oral health and a beautiful smile!